The Greatest Depression May Move Us to Greatness

It has long been my belief that only through crisis can real change take place. The human race has little time left to address the issues of population control, global warming and economics before our natural state catches up with us. It is for those with true courage and conviction to make sure the change is for the good.

This site attempts to look at global warming, economics, and population control with a realistic point of view, not cynicism or unsupported optimism. As such, this site takes a different point of view that is not supported by the popular media making this viewpoint seem radical. However, if you look at the arguments for a fundamental change in economics and human impact on our environment you may find that the evidence given here is far more reasonable than arguments found in the main stream media.

March 8th, 2005

The economic hardships of the last few years are symptoms of a greater ill in the United States economic health. The downfall of the Dot-Com industry should have been foreseen by anyone with business experience. The Dot-Coms were running on investment capital without any real business expectations of their market. Investors simply threw money at the industry believing it would simply mushroom into endless profits paying them dividends far outweighing their investment. But there was no proof that the internet world was expanding at a rate that would insure profits. The companies that made it through this debacle worked as if they were still in the "Real World", which they were. No one should be surprised that a company that stayed in the red, sometimes exceeding the company worth by many times, would collapse. After all, there is no new way of looking at business.

The economic hardships that befell us after September 11th, 2001 should also have been expected. This was a huge blow to the United States economy as well as its frame of mind.

This being said, the sharp fall in the overall market because of these events is disturbing. No one expected this to happen. Economists in the 90's expected the same growth to simply extend out through time. This is a flaw that the market is starting to comprehend. What is not so apparent to people in the know, is that the falls in the general market are symptoms of a larger and far more disturbing fact. The market can and will crash.

The United States has made a few poor choices in recent years setting itself up for a big crash. When, in 1992, I came to the realization that the United States would enter a depression around the year 2005 (give or take three years), I did not envision September 11th, 2001, the irresponsible borrowing by our government to finance a Middle East war (let alone two) and finance the bloated annual budgets of the united States, or the artificially low interest rates that enabled an entire generation to borrow and spend more money in order to surpass the life styles of their parents at a younger age than their parents ever enjoyed such luxuries. On top of that, the largest population group to ever flow through the economic landscape is about to retire and change from a group of producers to a group of receivers. All these things have combined to create the perfect storm of financial crisis that will envelope a generation or more in the Greatest Depression the world has ever seen.

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